My Darling Daughter,

If a son asks his father for bread, will he give him a stone? How much more My precious daughter, will I provide for you if you ask?  I am willing and ready to give, because it is My good pleasure to give bountifully to My children.  Remember, there is nothing impossible for your Father and all good things come from above.

Let Me remind you little flower, that I am GOD, and I am your Daddy.  I created the universe with a word.  I spoke and the skies became, I breathe life and there is life, I keep the universe in perfect balance.  There is nothing impossible for me.  I know every fish in the sea and count the birds of the air with a glance.  I have counted every cell in your being and know your every thought before it is.  I am Almighty God, there is NONE greater, and I am your Father.

I measure the depth of the sky with My little finger, and hold the sun, the moon and the stars in its place.  I designed every mountain and know every insect and every animal that ever was.  With a word I command the wind and know each wave of the sea.  I am above all.  I know all and My greatest accomplishment is you.

Don’t be intimidated by Me little one, for I am all that and more.  Yet I simply want to be known as your Father.  Let Me love you and show you the greatness I have planned for your life. You are and always will be my greatest design.

Your adoring Papa….

(Reference:  “Mi Cara, Letters From Heaven,” W.A.Vega)