BLOG #20

(Excerpt from W.A.Vega, “Incomprehensible”)

 “My love to you,” says the Bridegroom, “is incomprehensible.  It far exceeds the love of ten-thousand lovers; more intense than the energy of the sun at noonday; altogether greater than all the stars above and all the grains of sand on the earth beneath.  If every ocean, river, lake, and stream in all the world were emptied and each drop of water counted, its measure would pale in comparison to the greatness of my love for you.  It overflows with greater intensity than infinite erupting volcanoes. ‘You have ravished my heart…’ (Song of Solomon 4: 9)Death cannot contain it and eternity isn’t long enough to experience it. All the definitions and expressions of love in every language, culture, tribe, tongue and nation cannot adequately describe it.  I designed it that way, my Beloved, my Bride, for my love is beyond human comprehension.”

“Your love,” responds the Bride, “my Beloved, my Bridegroom, makes me breathless at the mention of your name.  Yes, “I am my Beloved’s and His desire is toward me.”