BLOG #33


I was so excited to awaken to Your incomprehensible love this morning! I felt it the moment my eyes opened as I felt Your warm breath stirring me to life again.  How I look forward to another day to be enveloped by Your presence.  I could never understand why You love me so much, but all I need to know, is that You do.  You can’t resist me because Your Son is in me and I’m in Him. (John 17) We’re conjoined twins as I live and move and have my being in Him.  (Acts 17:28)

We share everything together.  He has given me His mind, His body, His blood, His inheritance, everything He is and has is mine also. (1Corinthians 2:16; Matthew 26:26; Romans 11:36) Therefore, you can’t take your eyes off of us.  I’m always in your view and always in Your heart and mind.  I am, therefore, like a magnet to you, always being drawn into your presence.

Every thought, word and deed of yours are about me. Your love is unconditional and beyond comprehension.  I am wowed by the way You love me, Daddy.  You can’t help yourself but to love me as You see Your Son, Yeshua, in me.  I know it’s all about Him, and because I’m in Him, it’s all about me to.  You can’t help Yourself but to love me to distraction. So, I revel in your fiery, indescribable love for me today knowing that You cannot withhold any good thing from me. (Psalm 84.11)

Abba, because I’m the apple of your eye and I know how much You love to shower me with Your goodness, kindness, generosity, love, provision and protection, and everything You have; give me today all and more that is in Your heart for me.  I know how it delights You to give me  good and perfect gifts Daddy, (James 1:17)and I love, love, love to be pampered and cared for by You.  You already know my needs, wants and desires.  Even so, Daddy, here’s my list.  I already know that You will do exceedingly abundantly above all that I could ask or think…” (Ephesians 3:20-21)“I know that the earth is Yours and the fullness thereof, the world and everything that dwells therein…” (Psalm 24-1).  It’s all Yours Dad for there is none greater than You.  And we delight so much in each other, that You’re excited to give me the keys to Your Kingdom. (Matthew 16:19)

Above all, be pleased to lavish me with more of Your never-ending love and favor, for You know I’m a bottomless well that soaks up every ounce of Your incredible love.  Thanks in advance for everything, especially for my inheritance through Yeshua, the One we adore. My eyes are glued on You, Abba (Psalm 123:1-2)for all Your surprises today.  You made me for Your love and I delight in it, and love You in return. (1John 4:19)

Your Adoring Daughter,