There Is No ORDINARY In The Kingdom


The book of Esther is one of my favorite stories.  The theme is woven throughout the bible, of God taking the ordinary and transforming it into the extraordinary.  I firmly believe that the word “ordinary” does not exist in God’s vocabulary and therefore does not exist in mine.  In other words, there is no such thing as an ordinary Christian, ordinary Follower of Jesus Christ, or ordinary Believer.  These are oxymorons, two contradictions in the same phrase, as the word ‘ordinary,’ cannot be associated with Christ in any way, shape, form, fashion, creed or context.

Esther’s story perfectly illustrates this theme.  It’s actually a contrasting picture of two Queens.  Although the story sounds like a fairytale, it isn’t.  It’s history. There really was a King of Persia named Ahasuerus (ancestor of King Darius and King Cyrus) who had a queen named Vashti, then later married a Jewish woman named Esther.  Their story is fascinating and speaks loudly to us today.  It drips a honey path for those desiring to step out of the ordinary into the extraordinary, through a deep, personal and intimate relationship with their King, Jesus Christ.

Queen Vashti is a picture of the ordinary (without Christ) while Esther, an orphan Jew, living in Persia, embodies the extraordinary.  Below are just a few contrasting behaviors that set them apart, and establishes Esther as God’s vessel to change the course of history and save a nation:

Queen Vashti – Ordinary Queen Esther – The Extraordinary
Proud Humble
Self-Willed God Willed
Self-Seeking God Seeking
Ambitious Purpose Driven
Controlled by fleshly needs Surrendered to God
Controlling Self-Sacrificing
Unforgiving Forgiving
Indignant Not easily offended
Superior Attitude Exhibited humility
Concerned about self Concerned about others even at the peril of self
Self-Security God security
Impetuous Patient
Reactive Prayerfully Responsive
Independent God Dependent
Complicated Transparent
Stormy Peaceful
Taker Giver
Self-Sufficient Valued Partnership with others
Hidden Agenda Sincere
Focused on outer beauty Driven by inner beauty
Quick to speak Ready to listen
Quick to judge according to her standards Wise and patient to assess situation before acting
Lives for today Lives for God’s purposes
Not concerned about consequences impacting others Intentionally focused on consequences
Concerned about reputation Concerned about fulfilling God’s purposes regardless of reputation, position or personal consequences
Ornery Quiet, gentle
Cold and Calculating Compassionate and warm
Tears down others Builds and encourages
Contemptuous Respectful
Seeks Attention Focuses on others
Haughty Submitted to God
Self-Love God Love
Religious Relational


In essence, the ordinary today are all the characteristics that this world values.  The extraordinary are the virtues that God values.  We choose.  We either choose to be ordinary following the parade of this world values or we choose to be extraordinary, as a vessel of honor, as one betrothed, and set apart to the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ.