Ordinary Women Made Extraordinary by God

Let me introduce someone who may look familiar

Her name may be Hannah, Esther,  Sarah, Ruth, Rebecca 

Leah, Tamar, Abigail, Mary or Martha

Look closer, have you seen her in your mirror?

Bullied, and unfortunately there was more

Childless, scorned, disappointed, forgotten and distressed to the core

Pregnant with possibilities but mourning clothes she wore

In desperation, Hannah cried out to God, then a great prophet, Samuel she bore

Esther was an orphan who dared not dream of grandeur 

Stolen from her uncle, by a Persian king she was taken prisoner

In humility she embraced her situation

Became queen, and risking her life, she saved her nation

What can we say of Sarah?  A great woman to be sure

Living with failure, regret and inferiority until the promised son she bore

Mother of a great nation, she was wise and shrewd

Her laughter before the Angel was somewhat misconstrued (wouldn’t you laugh if  God told you that you would be pregnant in your nineties too!)

Grief, sorrow, poverty, and abandonment are all well known

Leaving family and home this woman followed another poor widow home

Committed beyond comprehension, Ruth obeyed a few simple instructions

And landed Boaz, a man of means and godly intentions

Quiet, timid, shy, the older sister with gentle, weak eyes 

Her father married her to Jacob through deceit, tricky and lies

Unwanted by man, favored of God, Leah was His divine choice to be the mother of the greatest Ruler

And bore the father of the Son called Lion of the tribe of Judah

Rejected, abandoned, scored and despised

A barren widow not only once but twice

To secure her future, she used wisdom, cunning and craft 

God saw Tamar’s tenacity and gave her a double portion in twin boys at last

A beautiful woman with stature, grace and dignity

Married to a man without much depth or clarity

Thoughtful, strategic and wise, she was a most dutiful wife 

Abigail negotiated with the king, averted strife, and saved her life

It was the night before the dawn like any other

When a young girl awoke with her mother

They quietly dressed and began their daily chore

Knowing what the day held and expecting nothing more

Off to the well with a vessel on her head

Then to the market to buy fish, meat and perhaps bread

Silently they worked speaking not one word

Repeating the same prayer that only God heard:

“I will bless the Lord at all times

His praise shall continually be in my mouth

We wait for Your promised deliverer

Our King and Messiah”

Their day continued as it usually did

Cleaning, cooking, nothing new, nothing hid

An ordinary day in an ordinary life

Oh God, she thought, “I’m so excited to become Joseph’s wife”

She continued her chores with delight and contentment

Thinking about her marriage engagement

When a voice whispered her name close to her ear

“Mary” she turned around but found no one there

She heard her name again and again she looked

Then a third time and suddenly there appeared a shepherd holding a shepherd’s hook

His face glowed in the sun and his voice was gentle and warm

But there were no pastures nearby and a shepherd there was not the norm

She rubbed her eyes then opened them again

To see the shepherd walking forward, is this a game?

She stood still waiting then began to nervously pace

As the shepherd approached, her heart began to race

“Do not be afraid Mary” the angelic shepherd quietly spoke

“Rejoice, blessed are you among women” he said

“You shall conceive and bear a son” there is no need for dread

Mary, Mary, Mary, a simple and humble young lady

Highly favored of God, exalted of women and chosen to carry His baby

Books, songs, and movies are dedicated in her honor

She now bows to this baby, GOD, clothe in splendor and all power

Who could forget, another Mary and her big sister Martha

One calm and quiet choosing to sit at the feet of the master

The older, busy, practical, take charge and bold

They were Jesus’ friends and saw the resurrection of the dead unfold

There are many more women, stories already told and many yet to be written

Living lives, often in the valley of the shadow and usually hidden

Ordinary women, like you and me

Made extraordinary by God for the world to see

W. A. Vega