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R7:17 Trilogy (Beyond Limits Series) by W.A.Vega

Adds a little suspense and a lot of artistry to deeply cherished hopes and beliefs.

The R7:17 Beyond Limits Trilogy is a far-reaching fictional treatment of Bible prophecy. The first book, Dominion, begins with a clandestine and exclusive invitation to a secret event for three successful professionals. The meeting proves to alter the lives of each of the men and women involved. Forces larger than themselves are at play, and nothing can prevent the spirit realm from conquering, but this knowledge doesn’t stop those hungry for power and acclaim from trying. Book two, Authority, expands the plot by deepening the mystery and adding in a few new characters. Presence is the final breathtaking book in the trilogy. It continues to explore the relationships between humanity and the divine, but also the vast chasm that separates some from the light. Throughout the story, many experience true moments of spiritual clarity, startling even themselves. For Christian readers, the conclusion will come as no surprise, as the themes in these books closely align with the Bible. Weaving imagination with Scripture in an imaginative and seamless manner, W. A. Vega paints beautiful pictures of hope many struggles to visualize in such detail. This book isn’t a study guide, nor is it strictly fiction. The characters share similarities and characteristics with Bible accounts. For example, Mel, Kiz, and Adek are busy in service to the Kingdom. And many verses are quoted as the tale unfolds. The classic story between good and evil, dark and light, comes to life in a world where intellect and resources seem to know no bounds. Appealing primarily to fans of Christian fiction, the R7:17 Beyond Limits Trilogy adds a little suspense and a lot of artistry to deeply cherished hopes and beliefs.

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