Kingdom Responses to Earthly Situations



As the Kingdom of Heaven citizens, our responses to earthly situations must be different.  KNOWING that Christ always leads us in triumph, we must choose:

  • Worship instead of worry
  • Praise instead of panic
  • Laugh instead of lament
  • Dance instead of despair
  • Rejoice instead of reacting
  • Rest instead of retreat
  • Trust instead of travail
  • Hope instead of to hassle
  • Celebrate instead of compromise
  • Smile instead of strike
  • Give instead of grumble
  • Sing instead of surrender
  • Delight instead of dread
  • Encourage instead of exacerbating
  • Build instead of break
  • Love instead of lash
  • Believe instead of bash
  • Stand instead of stumble
  • Inspire instead of insult
  • Understand instead of undermining

We soar against the wind
Walk on water against the tide
Defy gravity in face of the impossible
Excel against the improbable

As citizens of the kingdom, sons, and daughters of The Most High God, we are greater than, more powerful than, more amazing than anything this world has ever seen.

(Book Reference:  Beyond Religion: 400 Kingdom of Heaven Perspectives, W. A. Vega, 2018)


September 28, 2018