My Identity In I AM


I am Anne I-AM

Proudly proclaiming Daddy’s name and nature, I AM

In my Father’s image, I AM fearfully and wonderfully made

Basking in His perfect love I AM never afraid

I am Anne I-AM

My name says it all, like Father, like daughter, He is I AM and so I AM

Living in the I AM realm of NOW, yesterday is forever gone

Tomorrow becomes today, and I AM will rise with each new dawn

I am Anne I-AM

Daughter of man and daughter of the Most-High God, I AM

Joint heirs with His Son, Immanuel, God with us, I AM His resemblance

Receiving All He Is and all He has purchased as my guaranteed inheritance

I am Anne I-AM

A chosen, royal priesthood, holy nation and God’s special possession, I AM

To proclaim the family’s name and nature with unhinged delight 

I AM called out of darkness and into His marvelous light

I am Anne I-AM

Born for greatness, with limitless possibilities with the DNA of I AM

His Power, authority and dominion courses through my veins

His divine blood marks me with indelible stains.

I am Anne I-AM

Joyfully following in my Daddy’s footsteps, wherever He goes, I am

His voice is music to my ears and His word bears life in every seed 

He is the author of all I see.  In Him is everything I will ever need.

I am Anne I-AM

My identity in Him is eternally sealed because as He is so I AM, that I AM

His absolute delight is to see His exact image in me

And delighting Him, is what He created me to be.

I am as He is, I-AM