Reflections Through His Eyes


Blog #16

(Excerpt from W.A.Vega, “Mi Cara”)


Mi Cara, My Beautiful Face,

You are My great delight, My absolute joy and My precious, precious prize.  I conceived you when I created the foundation of this world and even before I brought you into existence, I cherished you.

As an expectant Father, My thoughts were always of you and I longed for the day when you acknowledged Me as your Father.  I was there when you were conceived in the secret place.  I saw your body being knitted together and I fashioned you with My own hands. 

You are My special artwork, created in My own image.  You see My daughter, as a Father I get an indescribable joy seeing My children look just like Me.

I know there are times daughter when you gaze in the mirror and you don’t see the beauty I created.  I hear your disappointment wishing that I had created you differently.  My heart aches when I see your disappointment for I long for you to see the beauty I see.

 Your beauty is not in your outward appearance which will one day fade away.  Your beauty is in the

kindness of your speech, the gentleness of your touch, the compassion of your tears, and most of all, the availability and readiness of your heart to be delighted in Me. 

My beautiful one, gaze in the mirror again, and allow Me to transform your vision so that you too can see the beauty I see.

Your Father……

Eph 1; PS 139; Eph 5; Prov 31; Song of Solomon