My Precious Daughter,

How could I ever forget you when you have been with Me since the foundation of the world?  You are forever part of Me.  I sealed our relationship when I allowed My Son to die on the Cross.  Now you are in Me, because He is in you.  My Spirit dwells in you and I am with you always.

My daughter, let me shout on the rooftop of your heart that I will never, ever, no, not ever, leave you, forsake you or deny you, no matter what.  I will NEVER abandon you or reject you because you are a vital part of me.  I have sworn this by myself, and there is none greater to swear by, that I am committed to be with you always.

Daughter, believe my tears as they roll down my face and my heart explodes in pieces, as I rejected my own Son, my only Son, all to secure relationship with you forever.  Child, if I am willing to do this, please know that there is nothing, absolutely nothing that could ever separate you from My love.

There is NOTHING that you could do to prevent My total and complete love for you.  Little one, above all, I want you to feel the security of My love and presence in your life, now and forever ~ just look to the Cross.

Forever in love with you…


(John 15; Hebrews 14; Matthew 28; Romans 8)

(Reference: “Mi Cara, Letters From Heaven,” W.A.Vega)